Net ZERO Policy

Net Zero: An international policy target 

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s special report Global Warming of 1.5ºC provided evidence on the requirement that we meet a global net zero target by the middle of the century, providing a deadline for policy targets. And in 2015, a global target to reach net zero emissions was set with governments around the world taking up the policy goal by ratifying the Paris Agreement. 

Remarkably, a new report from the think tank ECIU shows that 49 percent of global GDP is already covered by cities, states, and provinces, and countries that either have net zero targets or are working toward them. This surge of net zero targets shows strong ambition but a gap remains between ambition and action, and often this is due to a gap in information about what a net zero aligned policy entails. On this site we offer resources for assessing whether policy initiatives are aligned with the global goal to reduce temperature outcomes and bring visibility to trends and challenges in current net zero policy. 

As a start for policy makers see the minimum criteria for net zero policy and how to join the UNFCCC Race to Zero. 

    Net zero at a global scale requires that all emissions of greenhouse gases should be balanced by their removal from the atmosphere.



    Policies by sector

    Find out more about how key policies are driving progress to net zero in each sector.

    Net Zero APPG

    Read the Net Zero APPG’s 10pt Net Zero Action Plan.                  

    National policies

    Find out how national politics can accelerate the transition to net zero.

    Local policies

    Find out what policies enacted on the local level have the most impact towards net zero goals.

    News and Events

    Oxford launches revised Offsetting Principles
    Oxford launches revised Offsetting Principles

    As part of their net zero strategies, many companies, organisations, cities, regions and financial institutions are relying on voluntary carbon credits to offset their residual emissions. But evidence continues to cast doubt on the integrity of ... Read more

    Job Opening at ONZ: Impact and Operations Officer
    Job Opening at ONZ: Impact and Operations Officer

    Oxford Net Zero is looking for a highly organised and motivated Impact and Operations Officer to join its team. You will be working alongside the Programme Manager, Cath Ibbotson, and the Head of Policy and Partnerships, Kaya Axelsson to ... Read more

    Net Zero Regulation Stocktake Publishes Results 
    Net Zero Regulation Stocktake Publishes Results 

    A new report published by Oxford Net Zero presents a comprehensive ‘stocktake’ of developments in net-zero regulation across the G20 in 2023. It focuses primarily on four regulatory domains: claims and financial products standards, disclosure, ... Read more

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