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Our team operates at the intersection of research and stakeholder engagement, working collaboratively and positively with business, government and civil society to address the complex challenges of achieving net zero emissions and promoting sustainable development. 

Guided by our translational research initiative, we provide an integrated, dispassionate perspective on the scientific, ecological, economic, and social challenges related to achieving net zero emissions. This approach is achieved through engagement with business leaders, civil society representatives, and policymakers at local, regional, national and international levels. By actively involving these stakeholders, we ensure that Oxford Net Zero’s research and practice is informed by real-world needs and considerations, facilitating the development of policy and business solutions.

We work with a wide range of stakeholders to ensure that the Oxford Net Zero research insights reach practitioners and that our research is informed by stakeholders.  


Our team works to track net zero policy instruments at the national level, and works with international coalitions to close gaps in the global net zero accountability and integrity landscape.

Tracking Net Zero Policy

We have begun tracking key net zero policy and regulation instruments in the G20 to allow us to support coalition efforts to accelerate the expansion of critical policies for implementation of NDCs.

Net Zero Accountability

Our team lead, Kaya Axelsson, has been appointed Co-Chair of the International Climate Politics Working Group on Net Zero Accountability and chairs coordination meetings with over forty NGO advocacy organisations developing advocacy positions and efforts to advance net zero policy and close gaps in the international net zero accountability ecosystem.

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Our team has played a leading role and many supporting roles supporting the development of the latest net zero and net zero relevant standards. Our aim is to support standards in aligning with one another, reduce fragmentation, and maintain a strong reference to the science of net zero. Our research also identifies areas of convergence and fragmentation across the standards and voluntary initiatives landscape.

Direct Contributions

Our team lead, Kaya Axelsson, led technical authorship for the International Standard Organisation’s Net Zero Guidelines used by actors ranging from corporates to government departments.

Expert Consultation and Advice

Our team regularly contributes to consultation processes to inform the latest standards, including VCMI, GHGP, SBTi, and ISO and sector standards.

Private Sector Engagement

Our team works with sustainable business networks to convene private sector partners for precompetitive collaboration on net zero alignment in the real economy. Our private sector collaborations include: 

Net Zero Assessment Tool

Net zero self-assessment tool for businesses seeking to test their alignment with the latest net zero guidance. This Readiness Check is hosted by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and includes a 42-question checklist for companies. This is currently being rolled out to 200+ companies (WBCSD’s membership). https://www.theclimatedrive.org/net-zero-readiness-check

Defining Net Zero for Professional Services

Our Net Zero Integrity Manager, Alexis McGivern, is Co-Chair of the Race to Zero Working Group to provide guidance for service providers (i.e, consultancies, financial institutions, law firms) on how they can scale high ambition net zero strategies. Within this we are running a series of workshops with key sectors on the levers they are using to scale net zero integrity across their networks of influence including:

  • Consultancy Net Zero (CNZ) Knowledge Exchange, hosting consultations and running 4 workshops through 2024


Wider Engagement

We engage regularly with major business associations’ sustainability officers on key issues related to net zero integrity, including offsetting, scope coverage and what net zero means for the fossil fuel industry including a managed phase out and the definition of abatement.


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Youth and Civil Society Engagement

Our public-facing work on net zero integrity includes:

Youth Climate Training

Training programme for young climate activists to deepen their technincal literacy across the different UNFCCC negotiations tracks ahead of COP28, with 4,500 climate justice activists attending.

Net Zero Wikipedia

We are working to support the development of a new Net Zero Wikipedia page, which previously defaulted to ‘Carbon Neutral’.

Demystifying Net Zero

We regularly deliver a presentation called “Demystifying Net Zero” on the key terms and guidance. We are available to give this presentation as needed. 

Civil Society Perceptions

We have an ongoing research project on civil society/climate justice perceptions of the net zero governance landscape, with groups and actors such as ClientEarth. These will support a research paper to inform our standards community on opportunities for growth in net zero definition and norms. Please contact alexis.mcgivern@ouce.ox.ac.uk for more information.

Public Fellows Seminars

See our next public seminar as a part of the Oxford Net Zero Fellows Seminar Series.




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