Fatima Khushnud earned a PhD in Finance from UWA, gaining a strong foundation in finance and management. As the Chief Operating Officer at Pact Capital AG, she leads sustainability strategies, manages environmental and social impacts, and oversees community projects aligning with the organization’s goals.

Throughout her 2 decades long career, she excelled in roles demanding meticulous analysis and strategic decision-making. As Head of Policy & Research at Engro Energy Limited, she managed business development, policy formulation, and stakeholder engagement, demonstrating her ability to synthesize complex issues and drive actionable results.

In leadership positions, such as her tenure as the CEO of the Independent Power Producers Association (IPPA), she fostered collaboration among stakeholders, led research initiatives, and advocated for sustainable energy solutions. These skills align with her responsibilities of strengthening governance, liaising with relevant bodies, and providing technical support in her current role.

A dedicated advocate of women’s empowerment, she has consistently driven positive change and diversity. She serves as the only female independent director on the Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX) board, actively participating in influential committees. As the inaugural chair of the Sector Skills Council _renewable energy (SSC_RE) council, Pakistan, she improved governance and private sector engagement within the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector.

As the Vice President at Engro Energy, Pakistan, she introduced the “Engro’s Break ke Baad” program, aiding women’s reintegration into the corporate world and championing on-the-job training. Her role on the harassment committee and certification as a Workplace Investigator underlines her commitment to a secure and inclusive work environment.

Her tenure as a visiting academic at Oxford University keeps her updated with higher education, knowledge dissemination, and innovative policy formulation. As a female director for IFMP, she advances the financial sector through strategic insights and developmental programs. She actively mentor’s start-ups, conducts workshops, and resolves gender-specific challenges.

With a focus on underprivileged communities, particularly women, she established cottage industries promoting economic autonomy. Her expertise in education, policy, governance, advocacy, finance, and empowerment makes her well-suited for her role. Her deep understanding of intricate dynamics positions her as a catalyst for transformative progress.


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