Global Youth Climate Training Programme to launch in May 2023

Apr 11, 2023

Applications open today for the Youth Climate Training programme, a collaboration between Oxford Net Zero and the Global Youth Coalition, an organisation of young people that supports youth-led climate action. 

The training will begin on 3 May 2023 and run for 13 fortnightly sessions. It will cover key areas of discussion and negotiation within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) system. The training will give youth the knowledge and tools to engage in the UNFCCC system. 

Alexis McGivern, Oxford Net Zero Fellow, is leading the programme alongside several youth activists from the Global Youth Coalition, leveraging the University of Oxford’s wide network of climate experts. 

Several Oxford Net Zero researchers will be teaching on the programme, alongside researchers and practitioners from around the world. The programme has been intentionally crafted to prioritise expert Global South voices on climate issues. Each session will have interactive activities. A technical lecture by relevant global climate experts will be followed by a testimonial by a youth speaker from the climate justice movement. 

The curriculum covers the areas of active negotiation at the UNFCCC. It was built by consulting 180 young climate justice activists who gave their input on what they most wanted training on. 

The course covers a wide range of topics including: Climate Justice, Adaptation and Resilience, Climate Finance, Business & Non-state Actors, Climate Policy, Energy, Nature, Gender and Climate Change, Indigenous Rights and Climate Change, Climate Litigation and Negotiations Inside COP28. We will be periodically releasing the outcomes and insights gained from our interactive sessions, as chapters of a comprehensive handbook, in order to share our collective knowledge and progress with a wider audience.

In order to make this course as accessible as possible, the course is free of charge. The joint ONZ-GYC team are also working to deliver live translation in several languages, and will have interventions from experts in languages other than English. Sessions are recorded to allow for maximum participation across time zones. 

Registration is open to anyone under 35 engaged in the climate movement. Previous experience in UNFCCC processes or climate discussions is not required! Applicants should note that they also do not need to be planning to attend COP28 to apply. These insights are highly transferable to national climate policy. 


Who is eligible? 

  • Youth under 35
  • You do not need to be attending COP28 in Dubai to be able to apply. 

How do I apply? 

  • Applications are open here until 30th April 11:59 UTC. 


  • Our commitment to inclusion and building solidarity across the youth movement means we are offering this course for free. Participants will need a free Zoom account to be able to join. 


  • In order to make this course as accessible as possible, we are working with non-profit organisations to provide live interpretation across languages. 

Quotes from GYC members: 

“Training helps prepare young people to understand how UNFCCC COPs work. The condensed climate training empowers youth and advocates as one. What’s so special about this course is that its partner is Oxford Net Zero, a world’s leading educational institution. Moreover, it’s accessible for everyone because it’s free!” – Yoko Lu, Co-Founder of Canadian Youth Biodiversity Network and GYC Champion 

“This programme is an incredible opportunity to understand the UNFCCC environment and how you can make your actions and words count. The Global Youth Coalition together with Oxford Net Zero is bringing free access to profound and specialised knowledge from expert speakers and trainers. This will give you the tools to navigate the complex technical language of topics discussed at COPs. Join us!” – Agustin Ocaña, GYC Chairman, Sustainable Oceans Alliance Youth Leader & Sustainable Project Manager


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