Tristram currently researches climate science at the University of Oxford, supervised by Prof Myles Allen, specialising in quantifying global warming sensitivity to anthropogenic emissions, and its implications for net zero emissions budgets – this work continues from his masters research at the University of Oxford, where he recently graduated with a double First-Class MPhys Physics. Alongside his research, Tristram holds advisory positions at Oxford Climate Policy Forum and Oxford Climate Society (OCS), following his two years of multiple-award-winning Presidency of OCS. Tristram has experience generating net zero engagement from a variety of initiatives: he co-designed, with Dr Thomas Hale, an intergenerational policy dialogue method between policy leaders, academic experts, and youth voices; he co-founded the Oxford Climate Action Plan, providing solutions to institutions’ barriers in adopting and achieving net zero plans; he hosted large-scale events translating the latest insights from the academic to public spheres, and is connecting businesses on climate by building alumnus networks. Tristram also enjoys opportunities for regular public speaking, for example giving a keynote speech at the Oxford Climate Assembly, being interviewed for leadership education sessions, and featuring on podcasts such as FutureMakers to talk about climate policy.


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