Ros has pioneered an interdisciplinary blend of biology and chemistry to resolve questions of past climates, evolution, and the future of the phytoplankton. Ros leads the OceanBUG research group developing inventive ways to reconstruct oceans of the past, and to understand the adaptation of organisms to changing ocean chemistry in the past and modern perturbed world. Ros has authored over 100 papers and co-authored a book “Evolution’s Destiny: Co-evolving chemistry of the environment and life”.

She has lead 2 ERC grants, 3 NERC standard grants, a BBSRC IB-Carb, and co-Ied 9 further NERC-funded projects. Her research work towards net zero has focussed on approaches to accelerate weathering and/or manipulate ocean chemistry to sequester carbon. She co-authored a GESAMP report on proposed marine geoengineering techniques and has tackled the response of marine calcifiers to elevated alkalinity through the NERC funded GGREW project. She will co-host a Net Zero Research Fellow in Earth Sciences and contribute collaborative expertise on the geochemistry of CO2 storage.


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