Aline Soterroni is a Research Fellow on Nature-based Solutions at ONZ. Together with Prof. Nathalie Seddon and Prof. Michael Obersteiner, she will investigate the socioeconomic and ecological outcomes of different pathways to net zero with a particular interest in understanding the value and the limits of nature-based solutions in achieving net-zero over the long term. She aims to understand the timeframes and spatial scales over which restoration, protection and sustainable management of working lands can enhance carbon stocks and reduce GHG emissions whilst supporting biodiversity, human adaptation to climate change and food security. To this end, Aline will work on the establishment of an open-source land use model, to guide societal and policy decisions towards a sustainable development. 

Aline has experience with regional partial equilibrium land use modeling for quantitative climate change policy evaluation in Brazil. Her research has provided science-based results to inform local stakeholders and policymakers. Aline has a PhD in applied mathematics from Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (2012). She is also a Guest Research Scholar at the Integrated Biosphere Futures Research Group of the IIASA Biodiversity and Natural Resources Program. 


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