Net Zero for Consultancies and Professional Services

In support of the Race to Zero Working Group for Service Providers, Oxford Net Zero are hosting a round-table workshop.

Consultancies, who are in the position of advising companies on their path to net zero, have a significant role to play as nodes to help scale key principles and alignment for a net zero economy. Oxford Net Zero is working alongside the Race to Zero to support emergent guidance for this group of partners to ensure that they have adequate support to guide other entities towards net zero.

In the last year, a robust alignment has developed on the meaning of net zero at the organisational level, through international standards and global consultation. These include the Race to Zero Criteria, ISO Net Zero Guidelines, UNSG HLEG Report and SBTi Net Zero Standard. Professional services (including, and in particular, consultancies) have a powerful role to play in socialising these criteria among companies globally.

The purpose of the workshop is to convene consultancies with a net zero mission to identify key levers for driving the greatest impact with clients as to how to meet and go beyond net zero.

We have a choice of three workshops available for you to attend, one in London, one in New York and an online event.

Due to the majority of consultants wishing to attend in London, we have decided to consolidate the London and Oxford workshops and host only one UK workshop in London at the Conduit on September 7th 10am-12pm. 

Collective insights from these workshops will feed into the Race to Zero Working Group for Professional Service partners as to how consultancies can be assessed as contributors to Race to Zero.

These events are invite only or through referral, with representatives from leading sustainable consultancies present in the UK at the time, with hybrid participation from global consultancy leaders online.

Please reach out to Alexis.McGivern@OUCE.OX.AC.UK for more details.

London | 7 September
New York | 20 September
Online | 27 September